The new year has begun and I just witnessed something right outside my house which has put the new year into perspective a little more than usual. The incident involved the emergency services, a severely distressed young man and a bridge. My partner advised me not to be nosy but I couldn’t help myself. That horrible, morbid curiosity took hold and I really wanted to see him get down safely.
The police were professional and calm, and coerced the lad down to safety with the phone call he had been demanding. The boy broke down when he was able to talk to the person on the line – a loved one I presume. He was so upset and distraught! I am so glad that this chap is okay. OK in the sense that he did not hurt himself, but he is clearly hurting in many other ways. I really, really hope he can get the care and help that he clearly needs.
I don’t want to make this event about me but witnessing this made me think about my family, my friends and my life. It is so easy for things to go wrong in life. Just as it is easy to forget how lucky you really are when bogged down in the daily grind of life.
Going into the new year having enjoyed a wonderful festive season with the people I love, I want to acknowledge the things that I am thankful for:

  1. My physical health
  2. My mental health
  3. My mum and my (little) big brother
  4. Jay
  5. My family – my siblings, my dad, my extended family, for having had the privilege of knowing and loving my granny and granddad.
  6. My beautiful friends, and their health!
  7. My home

Whenever I am feeling pissed off with the imperfections of life, work, money worries, and stress in 2019 (which will happen and that is OK), I hope that these points can serve as a reminder of the good things that really matter in my life.