I have applied to go back to University. What am I thinking!?

I am actually really looking forward to getting back into the swing on academia and becoming a student once again (not in it for the discounts I promise). Having visited both the open days for the University of Sheffield and Manchester Metropolitan library courses I have decided to apply for both, which I have now done eek! I am pretty much decided on Sheffield because the course overall looks a lot better than the one at MMU. The module choices are way more comprehensive and look a lot more interesting if I am honest. I am happy that they offer an Archives and Records Management module which I would possibly be interested in taking. The module choices at MMU are a bit thin on the ground and the department seems a lot smaller. Many people have recommended Sheffield and the reviews I have read seem to suggest a lot more student satisfaction with the course at Sheffield.

But MMU is so much closer to home. There always has to be a but… why can’t things just be simple? So I either chose a better University offering a better course and travel 4 hours a day (with good module choices that I may not be able to take as it will require me to travel to Sheffield several times a week). Or I chose a course that does not look as good but will make my life easier in terms of working and travelling. I am going to have to work part-time to fund my studies unless I suddenly come into some money so I need to be realistic about how much I can actually do and afford.

There is always the Distance Learning option and I think I will apply for one course at least just in case something goes horribly wrong in September. I do feel a tiny bit stressed thinking about it because I know I am going to have to make the decision very soon. I will report back when/ if I receive some offers. Wish me luck.


Manchester Metropolitan University Postgraduate Open Day 11/02/15

The open day went well. I had a nice little afternoon trip over to Manchester and left feeling more positive about the course. Sheffield is still my first choice but I will probably apply to MMU as well because of the convenience of its location. It’s a short train journey away and the course did sound interesting. The course has an in depth focus on information and technology. The core module titles are; Research and Practice, Management and Information Professionals, Search and Retrieval, Information Futures and Dissertation. The optional modules are; Digital Rights, E-learning and the Organisation, Literature and it’s Readers and Information and Knowledge Management. There are not many options available in terms of module choices. They do offer some decent funding. There are 16 bursaries for the faculty up for grabs offering 50% of tuition fees and there is also the Jean Rich Studentship which is the award of 6000 Canadian dollars. There are no exams but this doesn’t really matter to me as I don’t mind sitting exams. I will make a more comprehensive comparison once I’ve been to the open day at Sheffield in a few weeks.