Thing 19 – The legal side of things


 I wanted to put this blog post on hold until I had been to Play, Games and Information Literacy workshop because on the programme for the day was a workshop called the “copyright card game” which I thought might be an interesting thing to blog about.

I have been aware of copyright for a while but only in the last year or so have I really started to pay attention to it. We have also just covered copyright at university so I now feel I understand it all a lot more. However, I would still be cautious and not entirely confident if I was asked to advise a member of staff on what is acceptable for them to use in the classroom.

Copyright can be one of the more complicated and tedious things to learn/ teach and game that can add an element of fun and competition to this *ahem* dry topic is something that I’m very interested in! I love games, who doesn’t!? It is such a clever and sneaky way to teach people; they think they are having fun and are getting out of the learning task but they are learning, just in a more creative and engaging way. I know that I learnt a lot more at the workshop playing that game than I would have done if they had of just talked about copyright.

Here is the link to the copyright card game. It’s available as an open educational game resource and you can download everything you need to play it. The game is actually really quite difficult and it just goes to show that even when the room was full of librarians and information professionals; we didn’t know all of the answers. It would be a really great game to play to teach staff about copyright. I will certainly be thinking a lot more about what I am sharing online, especially on Pinterest… I am probably be a full blown copyright criminal because of my Pinterest activity but now I know.