Thing 8 – Curation Tools

I absolutely love Pinterest. It’s one of my favourite things. I use it a lot more on my mobile devices than I do on my desktop. I think this is probably because I use it a lot during my leisure time; when I am on lunch or waiting for something, or before bed, or when I am bored; so quite a lot actually. I have pinned 4400 things onto 33 boards… Ooops!

In all honesty, I think of myself as some sort of interior designer. I got so many ideas from Pinterest on how to decorate my flat when I moved in to my new place. It’s easy going and fun because unless you’re interested in following the link to the websites, you can just have a look at the pin and save if for later. I like scrapbooking and Pinterest is just a really easy electronic version of that. My account is full of boards of all of the things I love and would like to have, places I would like to go, my favourite people and pretty houses.

I have been using Pinterest for a good few years and have only really used it for personal reasons. Until this course I never considered the potential of Pinterest in terms of using it in the library. I can really see its potential for advertising new acquisitions and purchases in the library, for book displays, a visual and fun addition to reading lists and subject themed boards.

I have been searching for information literacy and library workshops on Pinterest and have found loads of interesting things that I’ve pinned. I am starting a new job in September at a 6th form college library so I am looking for inspiration so that I am prepared and so far Pinterest has been really useful. They are wanting to establish a social media presence for their library so I am hoping to be involved in this process. I can definitely see Pinterest being something that I look into for the library (so excited about this). Any advice on setting this up for the library?

Check out my Info Literacy & Teaching board. Below is an example of some of the cool infographics I’ve pinned. I love infographics and have been inspired to create my own. I’ll pin them when I’ve completed them.

This is an example of something that I've pinned in preparation for my new job. http://http//

This is an example of something that I’ve pinned in preparation for my new job.

Storify & Flipboad?

Flipboad was installed on my phone when I bought it and I tried to use it but I could never get into it. I like it in principle and I like the “flipping” motion but in reality it irritates me a little bit. The only thing I like it for is for reading the news but I don’t use it very much and I don’t feel the need to start doing so. I have my Pinterest so I’m good… Sorry Flipboard.

Storify is great! It’s really good for compiling updates about events. It was used recently to compile all of the tweets about the VC’s End of Year Celebration Tournament at work and it was good to have a summary of everything rather than having to look it up yourself. It’s really good for Twitter chats as well. I can see the potential of Storify for events and I will keep it in mind for when I start my new job. I don’t feel like I have enough going on on my social media accounts to create a storify yet so I think if you’re an account moderator for the library or are a special interest group then Storify could come in very handy.

I am currently completing a free mobile learning course that teaches social media through social media for professional devlopment.

I am currently completing a free mobile learning course that teaches social media through social media for professional devlopment.