My line manger and I went on a little adventure today.

Image: Flickr – Hrund Thorsdottir

Not that kind of adventure. More like…

minus the pretty rainbow... Image: Dave Brotherton, Flick

minus the pretty rainbow…
Image: Dave Brotherton, Flick

It was really fun and it got us out of the library for the afternoon. We did two trips to Leeds and back to rehome some duplicate books and journals from the Yorkshire Archaeological Society. Google Maps managed to get us there and back without incident… OK we did get a little lost but only for about 2 minutes while the bossy Google lady had a moment of confusion.

We packed probably about 40 boxes worth of stuff and it was a great workout for all involved. It was a joy to behold the archaeology librarian’s excitment. I also felt very happy myself about adopting all these lovely new things for the library. It’s safe to say, the archaeology librarian’s books are the prettiest in all of the J.B. Priestley library land (excluding Special Collections of course).

It was really good to be involved in the rehoming of books and journals and it made me think about all of the books and the written material that throughout history didn’t manage to get rehomed, was thrown away or destroyed and it made me a little bit sad.

Flickr: Kristina Alexanderson

Flickr: Kristina Alexanderson

But then I remembered how awesome libraries and archives are and especially The British Library; you rock!