5 minutes with Amy

5 minutes with is a regular weekly feature on the intranet at work where you can find out more about your colleagues.

After enjoying reading some previous 5 minutes with, I thought I’d submit one as a way of putting myself out there and introducing myself to as many colleagues as possible. If people from the department I support see my face, it gives me a good start when it comes to academic liaison.

Thought I’d share my 5 minutes with’ segment from the MMU staff intranet for your entertainment.

Just me on the intranet chilling next to the VC

Name, role and department:

Amy, Assistant Librarian (Manchester Fashion Institute), All Saints Library.

How long have you been at Manchester Met:

Just under one month.

Favourite thing about the University:

The Library of course. Staff and students have free access to more than a million books, journals and electronic resources.

I am also really enjoying the MCRMetMoves initiative. The prospect of free goodies for upping my activity levels is exciting. I am currently 400 points away from a free aluminium water bottle.

A typical working day:

I am still quite new to my role but I have been working in academic libraries for almost 5 years. Working in a library is extremely interesting and varied. I have access to thousands of resources and it is my job to help people navigate the internet and our huge collections.

There are two main aspects to my role. I am the subject librarian for the Manchester Fashion Institute so I help to select and promote books, journals and electronic resources to support teaching and learning. I liaise with academic colleagues to ensure our library collections our relevant and up-to-date and I help to curate their electronic reading lists. I also deliver 1-2-1s and undertake teaching as part of my role, which helps library users to develop their information and independent learning skills.

The second aspect of my role involves working on the library helpdesk supporting users with a huge range of enquiries. Having welcomed 958,150 library users through our doors last year, I get to meet many wonderful and interesting people.

What is your ideal weekend:

Camping in the sunshine.

If I have to stay at home then it is a cosy night in with my partner. I would get out of the house on Saturday, so something fun like a long walk or a day trip, preferably to a theme park. In an ideal world, I will have a roast dinner and do absolutely nothing every Sunday.

Interesting fact about you:

I have 21 tattoos. My latest tattoo is a black dot work piece depicting an open book with moons, stars and flowers floating magically out of the pages. I got this tattoo to commemorate completing my Master’s degree in Librarianship.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment:

I am currently reading Pet Semetary by Stephen King and Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates. I am trying to read 40 books this year as part of my Goodreads challenge.

I am currently re-watching Breaking Bad and I have just finished listening to the Chernobyl podcast having completed the mini-series. If you watch any TV show this year, watch Chernobyl.

Favourite place in the region:

The Arcade Club in Bury. It is the largest video game and pinball arcade in the UK and it is so much fun. They have a bar and serve food too.

Person you would most like to meet- past or present, real or fictional:

Sir Ian McKellen. He is a national treasure. I would ask him if he could attend our meeting as Gandalf so I can meet a real and fictional hero at the same time.

What items would you take on a desert island and why:

A bottle of spiced rum and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I’m a whole bag of cringe and I’m cool with it.

P.s. I’m loving the new job. Going to do a blog post on it soon 👍