If The Shoe Fits!

I just can’t even… what is happening!?

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There’s been a bit of a Twitter storm over Government plans, partnering with the National Literacy Trust, to encourage language development and literacy using, of all places, Clarks shoe shops, with staff apparently being “…asked to engage children in conversation to improve language skills, as part of a government attempt to tackle “concerning” rates of early literacy.”

Now, as always, this is not the full story and is in fact part of a wider government initiative to involve businesses to support children’s early learning in the home environment, which includes bookswaps in supermarkets as well as special training for staff in shoe shops.

The inclusion of Clarks, KPMG, and Penguin Random House in the partnership with the NLT seems a perfectly natural fit (pun intended!) given that they all have links with the NLT Board of Trustees. Whether KMPG and Clarks are appropriate organisations to support such a scheme…

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One thought on “If The Shoe Fits!

  1. Seriously. I presumed that Clarks put in money for this and if so, they deserve their due credit but this is not the way to go about using donor funds! Perhaps, if a kid borrows a certain amount of books from the lib, they get a discount voucher? Not: hey, you know what’s the best place to improve your child’s literacy skills – the shoe shop!

    You couldn’t write this. I swear!

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