Thing 23: Making it all work together

I’ve attempted to use Hootsuite before and I am not a fan… I had another go at setting it up and I am just really confused by it and I don’t think I personally would find it useful. I like to spend time on each of my social media platforms because they are individual and unique and that’s why I use them. When I look at the Hootsuite dashboard I just see a mass of stuff and I think that takes the fun out of social media.

However, in a library setting I can see its potential as a great time saver and I would consider using it to manage the library’s social media accounts. In a library setting, social media is being used for a very specific purpose and not just for fun.

I have had another go with Flipboard and I’ve added my LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ accounts and so far it’s looking good so I will give it another go.

I can’t believe it’s come to an end! The last few posts have been hard for me to find time to complete and I’ve literally just made the deadline (I hope). I’ve come a long way since I completed Thing 1 and I feel it has helped me to become a better reflective thinker and a better librarian.

Thank you for providing this course, it’s been great! 🙂


I am currently completing a free mobile learning course that teaches social media through social media for professional devlopment.

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