Thing 6 – Reflective Practice

I am currently completing a free mobile learning course that teaches social media through social media for professional devlopment.

I am currently completing a free mobile learning course that teaches social media through social media for professional devlopment.

Before I started working in a library I had never really had the chance to do any reflective practice. At uni, once my assignments were handed in, I was more than happy to see the back of them. In work, I just did my job and went home, happy to see the end of the day.  I’ve really started to enjoy blogging and find it is a useful tool for reflecting on what I’ve been doing at work and just generally build on the knowledge I have and to learn more. It’s also really great to read about other people’s experiences, especially as many people are a lot more experienced than I am. I feel a little bit silly admitting this but I hadn’t considered how much librarians actually need to reflect on their work. It’s important to keep up to date with what is going on in the library, information, publishing, education, political worlds and to connect with other librarians so you can share your experiences. I am now aware that I am entering a profession that will involve life-long learning and reflective practice and I’m cool with that. In fact, it’s amazing!

Here are some of the blogs I’ve really enjoyed reading:

  • The Daring Librarian’s blog was really useful. Point No. 3 is something I hadn’t really considered but makes so much sense. There is no need to apologise if you haven’t blogged in a while and that’s something I’ve definitely done before. I think I should start trying to schedule my blogs so I can reflect more regularly which will be more beneficial to me generally. I mainly blog for the purpose of reflecting on what I’ve done and if my experiences can help someone else, then that’s a fantasic added bonus. Also I think I might try and start adding more graphics and images to make things more interesting.
  • I love the livedinlibrarian blog tag line, it made me laugh “Dispatches from the good ship librarianship”. It’s interesting to ready everyone’s stories and opinions. I also like to see how people have designed their blogs. They’re all so different which is a testament to people’s creativity.
  • I like MU Library Lady’s blog post on reflection. She mentioned that blogging gives her some headspace which is something that I can relate to. It’s difficult to actually think about what you’re doing during the day when you’re so busy doing it…
Flickr - John Morgan

Flickr – John Morgan

I think the worst thing is that there just isn’t enough time to read everyone’s blog           posts! I want to dedicate more time to doing this I think because it is a really          useful way to learn more about the sector. I am still just a newbie after all.


6 thoughts on “Thing 6 – Reflective Practice

  1. I loved the reflective aspect of CILIP chartership, it really helped me to see what I was getting out of CPD activities I was doing and pointed me in the direction of what was, and wasn’t, useful. I’m also really enjoying reading the blogs I have been and will definitely be scheduling in more time to do so.

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    • Yes, I think it’s definitely a good habit to get into. It’s good that you really enjoyed it. Reflection is probably a good thing for more than just CPD stuff aswell. I think I might find it useful to reflect on more stuff in my life in general, rather than just doing stuff.


  2. It sounds like you’re doing great for a “newbie” Amy, your post has made me feel reassured about blog posting. I’m in the middle of trying to write my first post since Feb and I don’t know where to begin with the many changes that have happened in my professional sphere since then! You’ve inspired me to keep going as blogging is clearly such a good thing to do for reflection; especially for those of us at the beginnings of our careers!


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