Updates and stuff…

I have just finished my training within the acquisitions department and it went by very quickly and somewhat over my head. They have a very complicated job in there and crunching numbers all day is actually very hard. I have realised I have a very limited attention span and I commend them for what they do in there. I get really tired looking at the computer screen and it makes my eyes and head hurt even when taking regular screen breaks. I have decided for my own benefit and if this is okay with the acquisitions manager, to create a book journey/ book flow chart in the summer. I am going to accompany one lucky title on its journey through acquisitions and onto our shelves. By doing this I will hopefully develop a clear understanding of the book ordering and acquisitioning process.

I have recently undertaken some training in Minute Taking and I am trying my hand at it. Safe to say I am not that great at it yet but I think it is something you can only become good at if you actually do it. I have taken two sets of minutes now, some from the International Group and some from the ASG meeting (Rebecca took proper minutes, I just took pretend ones and we are going to compare). I need to learn to write real words rather than indecipherable scrawl. That would be a good start I think.

A little bit off topic but I moved house! I have finally moved out of my bedroom with my boyfriend and we are pretending to be real adults in the real world. We have two bedrooms so one of them will be my little study zone when I can afford to buy a chair for the desk.

Look how cool our living room set up is!


That’s all for now as I am off to try some classification.

I am starting my training in Special Collections next week which I am super looking forward to so I will write a post about that.x


I have applied to go back to University. What am I thinking!?

I am actually really looking forward to getting back into the swing on academia and becoming a student once again (not in it for the discounts I promise). Having visited both the open days for the University of Sheffield and Manchester Metropolitan library courses I have decided to apply for both, which I have now done eek! I am pretty much decided on Sheffield because the course overall looks a lot better than the one at MMU. The module choices are way more comprehensive and look a lot more interesting if I am honest. I am happy that they offer an Archives and Records Management module which I would possibly be interested in taking. The module choices at MMU are a bit thin on the ground and the department seems a lot smaller. Many people have recommended Sheffield and the reviews I have read seem to suggest a lot more student satisfaction with the course at Sheffield.

But MMU is so much closer to home. There always has to be a but… why can’t things just be simple? So I either chose a better University offering a better course and travel 4 hours a day (with good module choices that I may not be able to take as it will require me to travel to Sheffield several times a week). Or I chose a course that does not look as good but will make my life easier in terms of working and travelling. I am going to have to work part-time to fund my studies unless I suddenly come into some money so I need to be realistic about how much I can actually do and afford.

There is always the Distance Learning option and I think I will apply for one course at least just in case something goes horribly wrong in September. I do feel a tiny bit stressed thinking about it because I know I am going to have to make the decision very soon. I will report back when/ if I receive some offers. Wish me luck.