I got the position!

Receiving the call informing me that they would like to offer me the graduate trainee library assistant position was the best and most unexpected call! Interviews have always terrified me no matter how much I prepare for them and it’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to attend an interview for a position that I was passionate about and one that I really wanted so I was nervous and I anticipated the competition would be tough. But thankfully I got the job and I have just completed my first week in the position! The first week has been great so far. I was introduced to so many people and unfortunately my brain isn’t capable of remembering all their names. I think I am doing alright with that so far though. After some fleeting moments of confusion and pretending to know where I was going, I have accustomed myself to the building and I pretty much know my way around now but I won’t be saying goodbye to my trusty map anytime soon. It’s the same with every new job or new situation, I hate being the new person! But everyone has been super friendly and welcoming and I have loads of support from the library staff. I genuinely feel that if I am stuck or lost that there will be someone there to help. I’ve been introduced to all the different departments that I will be working in over the course of the traineeship and it is great to be able to speak to a wide variety of information professionals about their experiences and to be able to ask them for advice as a trainee. I am especially excited to help out in the Special Collections department as rare and special materials is an area I would be particularly interested in learning more about. I am also looking forward to getting stuck into the work, especially on the counter with the customer service team. I did make a rookie directional mistake when dealing with the books…That’s all I will say about that. I do however feel that I can forgive myself and I don’t need to be embarrassed about mistakes because I have very little library experience and they knew this. I am there to be taught and to learn the ways of the librarians and of course, everybody has to start somewhere.


2 thoughts on “I got the position!

  1. New blogger Amy, well done you! I’m looking forward to reading about your time with us (please don’t call it “a journey” as I hate all that X-Factor stuff! And, no, I don’t watch X Factor….). Although, I would have expected a comment about the nice, fab admin staff who welcomed you at interview;-) I’ll keep dipping and so how you’re going on. Pat x


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